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As I travel and interact with Adventist and non-Adventist, young and old in my community, they all have the same commonality which is to keep safe and be well. We are living in a time of uncertainties. There is no one answer to the many questions being asked. We are bombarded with information that sometimes is unclear and confusing. Life as we know it has been uprooted since the middle of March to present. We are now introduced to a new “Norm of Living”. But what is the New Norm? How are we going to cope? What do we do? The answer: stay inside if you are of a certain age, if you go outside wear a mask, and social distancing – stand 6 feet apart, no touching or hugging etc. How a person adjusts will depend on where he or she falls on the scale of life.  
As a young person trying to thrive, the “New Norm” does not work. It is life as usual. We are of the computer age – social media has been our platform. Sure, we can live with social media, but social distancing, no touching or hugging, wear a mask on the outside? Oh, no no! That is outside of our realm.
As a senior, I will put this population in two groups. One I call the young at heart. Why? because they know how to use the computer and navigate social media. The other, lets say they are in their latter years. To this group their connection to the outside world is through the television set in their living room, and the information received can be scary. These two groups have one thing in common they have allowed themselves to stay at home and follow the rules when on the outside the mask is on. You see life experiences are a big factor, they are the lens by which we view the world and how we react to the circumstances around us.
I am very concerned for our young people. I  see them on the outside, no face mask, on the basketball courts and social distancing is long forgotten. They act in way that exempts them from what is happening around them. Young people I want to challenge you. For your community to be safe, it starts with you and me. You may have mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, and grandparents – Live a life to serve others and not yourself. When you live to serve others the blessings multiplies
I want to encouraged young people do not live selfishly. Think of the impact you can have on the person next to you. The next time you gather with your friends to play encourage the use of a face shield, remember social distancing when chatting or on the corner with your friends, and use your social media contacts to spread positive messages.  
I can assure you the reward will be great. It only take one person to start a change, let that person be you. Let us all work together to keep our community safe.


Edwina Brown, MSW serves as the Head Deaconess for Sharon SDA Church.


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