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Two Can Keep a Secret If One Of Us Is Dead

Violence does not solve problems. I hear that repeated all the time. Usually by the people who are in positions of power. Is it a true statement though? I’m sure there are plenty of instances in history where violence was not needed to achieve a goal, but I’m hard-pressed to think of any at this time. Keep in mind, violence does not mean I hate you, it means, to me, that I have to speak in a language that you understand. You don’t seem to understand that my life matters when I’m peaceful. Why not? Because you’re safe. You may be uncomfortable mentally, somewhat distraught by what I’m saying, even offended perhaps, but once my voice is gone, and you’re within the safety of your confines – how long does my pain and concern register with you. When you sit down to eat a good meal, drink, and sate your hunger pains, how long does my pain reside with you. When you travel in comfort, sleep in peace, count your account values and think of what you will buy next, or place to visit next, when you watch a beautiful sunset from a balcony or beach on a luxurious island – how long does my pain reside with you? Not long. But, when your life is threatened as mine is. Then you listen.  When I come into your homes uninvited – you listen. When I bare arms, muscle and metal – then you listen.  If I speak to you calmly and you don’t hear me, but when I raise my voice – then you do… then I will SHOUT to be heard.  And believe me, when I begin to shout, you will hear me.

For those of you who disagree with my opinion – that’s fine. You are entitled to your opinions.  That’s a right, not given by America, but given by God at creation. Let me ask you this, and please answer honestly – from two perspectives. Put yourself in another George Floyd situation again – and you’re filming what’s being done. What will you do? Just record or will you go to the aid of the person in distress? Now answer that question as the victim in distress. What do you want done? Should I just record a video? Or would you want me to intercede on your behalf to help save your life? If not your life – then your sons, or daughters, or mothers, or sisters, or brothers… what would you want me to do if it were you lying there?  Shall I follow the path of peace – Violence does not solve problems. Or should I be violent and intervene? After all – America was founded on violence – we fought for freedom from Britain. Israel was freed from Egypt on violent acts – twice (death of Egypt’s firstborn, and the entire army perishing in the Red Sea). Will not God’s final act to end the conflict between him and Satan be a violent act? I see things similar to that old adage – two can keep a secret if one of you is dead.  Well, there can be peace between two if one is dead as well.

Isn’t that’s how you’ve kept the peace thus far – violent acts covered up by authority and courts of law.  Abuse of power.  


“Speak softly and carry a big stick,” words by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt in 1903. I believe a person, a race, a nation, must be willing to seek by force the rights that peaceful solutions will not afford them. The rights granted to them by God at creation. To Live!  Romans 12:18 tells us to live peaceably with all men IF possible. God knows, there is only but so much abuse a person takes before they turn from passive prey to aggressive hunter. The bible also says in Exodus 14:14 – hold your peace for the Lord will fight for you. So, I am holding my peace. I am David in the mulberry bushes. I’m waiting for the sign, the rustling in the trees. You should pray, that it never comes. Because when my knee is on your neck, and my hands are casually in my pocket, as you begin to pass out from lack of oxygen, while others film my actions, I will calmly lean down and whisper in your ear, “stop struggling because we both know – violence does not solve problems.”  It’s a secret I know that will be kept, because one of us will be dead.



Randy Osi, MA serves as an Elder and Sabbath School Head Superintendent for Sharon SDA Church.


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