Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church

Sharon Men’s Ministries

The Sharon Church Men’s Ministries Department is an integral part of the Sharon Church. In our society men are taught to be strong, to be brave, and not show emotions, but within this group men can share in a judgement free zone. During the course of the year we have several activities that are designed to address the needs of men in the areas of their spiritual health, physical health, and psychological health. Our role as men is an important one in society and we have an ordained position by God.

Our annual whitewater rafting trip is an opportunity for the men to bond and spend important time with their sons, nephews etc., and it is also an opportunity to commune with nature. In addition to our annual whitewater rafting trip, we feed the spirit of our men through our annual prayer breakfast, where we provide an opportunity for men to connect in a deep and meaningful way with our Creator and King. We focus on our community with random acts of kindness for families by paying for their groceries in our local supermarkets, and providing toys for our community children. We also serve as mentors for our young boys. We not only are interested in the spiritual health of the men of our community. We are also focused on being ministerial examples by staying in shape through our Sunday morning bike rides. Men’s Ministry help to provide food for our souls through our Friday night bible study sessions.

There was a point that I almost left the church, it was a most difficult time in my life and having the leaders of the Men’s Ministries seeing me a brother in pain, they reached out to help. They helped me stay home at Sharon where I belong. The Men’s Ministry leaders sponsored me to go white-water rafting and I though why not, I have never done it, but at least I can say I tried it. We are all imperfect beings but each day the Men’s Ministry of Sharon challenges you and continues to challenge me to be better that I was. It supports you in a genuine loving way and we also have a good time being in each other’s company and bonding as men should. 

Our white-water rafting trips are a wonderful experience and it is great for fathers to take their sons. It was such a heavenly experience watching my fearless 10-year-old jump into the river and just enjoyed himself. These are the moments great and future memories are formed from so I invite all to join us on next adventure on the flowing river, brink your sons, bring your friends, your nephews, your brothers and your step-sons and lets have fun. Also, please remember that our goal in Men’s Ministry is to help heal our brothers, to help keep families together and to help me in this world stay strong, stand strong and keep your eyes heaven bound, for we are to “do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves,” Philippians 2:3. This is what Sharon’s Men’s ministry is truly about.




Rupert Pearson, MBA, MS is the IT & Communication Director and Assistant Men's Ministry Leader for Sharon SDA Church.


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