The Role of a Godly Father in the Home

I did not have the privilege of growing up in a home with a godly father. I resolved though, to be a godly father to my children, to provide for them what I did not receive from my father. God has given me the opportunity to be a father for twenty-one years, to three adorable […]

Religious Liberty In a Time of Crisis

As authorities around the world struggle to respond to the global spread of COVID-19, governments at every level—from local to national—have issued new and, in some cases, unprecedented, directives that touch on almost every aspect of our daily lives. In many countries, governments have closed non-essential business and restricted the size of public gatherings or […]

Two Can Keep a Secret If One Of Us Is Dead

Violence does not solve problems. I hear that repeated all the time. Usually by the people who are in positions of power. Is it a true statement though? I’m sure there are plenty of instances in history where violence was not needed to achieve a goal, but I’m hard-pressed to think of any at this time. Keep in mind, violence […]

My Community

As I travel and interact with Adventist and non-Adventist, young and old in my community, they all have the same commonality which is to keep safe and be well. We are living in a time of uncertainties. There is no one answer to the many questions being asked. We are bombarded with information that sometimes […]