Time to Testify

In just eleven days, Sharon SDA Church will celebrate one year of the Mobile Food Pantry Distribution in partnership with Feeding Westchester. The Holy Spirit has inspired this partnership and ministry. For eleven months, an average of 20 -25 volunteers gather at the parking lot adjacent to the administration building on 5th Avenue in Mt. Vernon; […]

Helping the Helper – Part 1

I find myself thinking back to the early 2000s when I was a young social worker providing substance abuse counseling and running relapse preventions groups. I had the privilege of having some veterans in my groups. I don’t remember the exact prompt but the rest I recall vividly. I think the group was discussing triggers […]

Sharon Men’s Ministries

The Sharon Church Men’s Ministries Department is an integral part of the Sharon Church. In our society men are taught to be strong, to be brave, and not show emotions, but within this group men can share in a judgement free zone. During the course of the year we have several activities that are designed […]