Early in the 1940's, Sister Elsie Manning, a member of the Ephesus Seventh-day Adventist Church and living in Mt. Vernon, NY, started a branch Sabbath School with a few small children in the South Bronx. These meetings were held in the homes of some of the children. Later when the number grew larger and included some parents, Sister Manning rented a place on Brook Avenue. There, she held her branch Sabbath School faithfully each week on Sunday mornings. After the doctrinal truth of the Bible Sabbath was presented, the meetings were changed to Sabbath mornings. Soon her efforts were blessed with a number of converts and they were baptized in the Ephesus SDA Church and remained there as members. Sister Manning continued the branch Sabbath School and called it the Bible School. Before long they were by many believers from the Ephesus SDA Church who came to assist. As the school began to grow, Elder J. J North instructed Sister Manning to form a Mission. Under the leadership of Sister Manning and the guidance of Elder North, the name was changed to the Community Bible School. By this time services were held each Sabbath morning and a large number of young people began to attend. This prompted the beginning of Young People's Meeting in the afternoon.

About a year and a half later, Sister Isabel Green joined the group of workers and assisted in winning many souls to Christ. There were many who played very important roles in helping this Mission to grow. One of the early converts Brother Victor Campbell, which Sister Elsie Manning helped know to Christ became her husband soon after he was baptized. Together as a team they were very successful in their work for the Master. Brother Campbell worked as a Colporteur until he retired due to poor health. Brother Campbell would find lost souls and Sister Campbell and Sister Green would teach and instruct them in the ways of the Lord. When the Bronx Church was organized, Brother and Sister Campbell transferred their membership and brought the members of the Mission along with them.

In 1963, a dinner was given at the Northeastern Academy and 181 souls were won for Christ and baptized from the efforts of the Mission. Under the watchful eyes of the pastors of the Bronx Church, Elder Ashby, Elder Murphy, Elder Stovall, Elder Perry and Elder Reid, the Mission steadily grew. Many members from other churches combined their efforts in the winning souls for the Master. One of these outstanding laymen was Brother Crafton Bartholomew, from the West Indies who took an active part, beginning in 1966. Along with Brothers Cameron, Streeter and Reid, Elder Bartholomew with his dynamic personality and a go-getter attitude helped the mission to continue its growth. The success and the progress of the Mission were due to his capable leadership. Brother Bartholomew and his family labored through many trying circumstances and hardships to see this Mission grow.

By this time, the new name for the Mission became the Sharon Mission. This name was chosen by Sister Manning before she met an untimely death in 1968. Under the direction of Elder Bartholomew and other interested members, plans were made to rent a building, located at 4423 White plains Road. From it's humble beginnings 42 years ago, this small mission grew to a church with a present membership of approximately 350 - 500 members. The Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church has had several pastors at the helm. This is keeping with the tradition of the Great Advent Movement. The Church surely benefited from the strengths which each leader had to offer. Each pastor brought his own ideas, styles of leadership and emphasis on ministry. The growth of this church is a testimony that God is able to use men of various backgrounds and talents to accomplish His will, His purpose and to advance His cause.

Simon Johnson [ 1973 - 1975 ], Augustus OíGuiste [1975 - 1976 ], Earnest Flowers [ 1977 ], David Coleman [1977 - 1979 ], T. Cartrell Jefferson [1979 - 1984 ], Samuel W. Stovall [1984 - 1990 ], Newton Cleghorne [ 1990 - 1995 ], Francis Oreggio [ Interim 1996 ], Lawrence Brown [ Interim 1996 ], Ralph L. Williams [1997 - 2005 ], Courtney Goulding [ 2005 - 2012] Anthony L. Usher [2012- Present] .

Many who have visited has given Sharon the label as "the friendliest church in the Northeastern Conference". When you are at Sharon you're family. And like most families, Sharon experienced some growing pains, but we share a goal and a sense of purpose that keeps us cohesive. An increase in membership has precipitated the need for expansion. Hence, the church has embarked on a building program. Today Sharon is in the process of erecting a church building to accommodate more worshipers. The church has seen steady growth over the years, and will continue its mission to win souls for Christ by spreading the Gospel to hasten the return of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.