Sharon Seventh-day Adventist Church

Meet Our Pastor

Dr. Joshua Deonarine

Shabbat Shalom Sharon members and guests! We welcome you as we celebrate International Woman’s Day of Prayer under the theme “Virtuous Living in an Un-Virtuous World.”
The General Conference Women’s Ministries Director, Heather Dawn-Small emphasizes “Our sermon for this Day of Prayer focuses on virtuous living. It doesn’t matter our circumstances or influences that surround us, we are called to live according to the righteous standard Jesus set for us. In the truest sense of the word, living virtuously is living like Jesus. This does not happen without diligent prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is evidence that a virtuous heart is being formed into the image of Jesus.
This day “provides an opportunity for women to learn about each other and prayer for one another. It is a time to reunite with God and one another to strengthen spiritual bonds. Prayers for women everywhere create a spiritual network of empathy and understanding between Adventist women. Thousands of women (and men) gather to pray on this day. Although the essential purpose of the day is for prayer, the day can also provide women with an opportunity to strengthen their ties with other Christian women as they pray together.”
Let’s continue to pray 24/7 until we enter our sanctuary on June 6. Pray for our five projects: sanctuary, school, amin. building, white house and ground lease. Pray that we close on loan immediately.
We celebrate God’s answer to our prayers on the architect. Much prayer, much power!

Dr. Joshua Deonarine, Pastor